Welcome to The NextGen Method

A method and a vehicle created to see lives changed through the same kind of “organic” ministry of genuine love, compassion, care, and concern that were major CORE values of the 1st century church.

The Challenge

The increase of mental health cases is becoming overwhelming.

The Program

NextGen understands that mental illness includes a wide range of conditions.

Theory of Change

The key to an individual’s success is to “walk alongside” them as they move through their journey.


The nextGen strives to empower and equip young people with the skills, resources and support need to flourish and live fulfilled lives.


We dream of a world in which young people will become healthy and whole, utilizing their gifts and talents to create lives of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

Our Approach

NextGen uses the Integrative Therapy model as the foundational treatment modality for all our mental health services.

"Working with Dr. Rhode is relieving. She's trustworthy, in the fact that she first seeks to understand you before giving advice to you. She really understands my generation, she really understands the youth and stands with the youth."

Navare: Age 27

"It is with great honor that I’ve met Mrs. Rhode in the year 2015. Love exudes from her which is easily felt, wise, yet so youthful and relatable to my generation. She has extended herself to assisting many youth and young adults to transition and give them perspective of their life and career. She certainly is a role model, jewel, and a force to be reckoned with."

Ja’Nelle: Age 24

“Where do I start? Would it make sense to start at my high school year? OR Maybe after graduation when real life starts? OR maybe the guidance and encouraging words that Dr. Rhode gave me now that I have my own family. The point I’m trying to make is that Dr. Rhode has touched, repaired, and molded so many areas, it is hard to mention just one; especially since ALL help has made me the man I am today. She was and still is to this day a God sent woman to youth, young people, and young adults. It’s people like this – YOU NEVER FORGET!!

Chris: Age 30

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