Nextgen Method

What Methods Do We Use? 

NextGen has opened its Center in Prince Georges County; a locus for providing interrelated programs as follows:

  1. Precious Jewels
  2. The B.I.D.
  3. Royal Sons and Daughters
  4. Miss Sweetheart Scholarship Pageant
  5. Youth Moving Forward
  6. Therapeutic Services/Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Why Do We Use These Methods

Though these events are annual, they run consecutively to build upon the other and addresses their problems during the young age and following through as they become older.

  • Guiding young people as they identify their personal strengths and help them address the challenges they face in achieving their potential
  • Impart faith values, such as honor, respect, compassion, and love through all its outreach efforts
  • Provide one-on-one counseling to individuals in need of social support and skill-building
  • Promote self-esteem; self-worth; and self-efficacy
  • Create an environment where young people can engage in on-site therapeutic experiences that are unique and limited in PG County

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3900-B Penn Belt Place, Forestville, MD 20747