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Why Were We Created

With more than forty-five years of experience working closely with youth, young adults, and their families, we know that the key to transforming entire families is investing first in their well-being by walking alongside them as they face their struggles and challenges. Because of responding lovingly and skillfully to their needs, families will gain critical communication skill as they learn the core values of respect, honor, and love within their family systems and beyond. NextGen uses this methodology to penetrate the hearts of family members to execute discipleship.

As the rippling effects of our work touch the wider community, we will partner with others to bring our methodology and experiences beyond the walls of our Center to provide churches, community groups, and other organizations with the information and strategies we learned and used to transform the lives of young people and their families.


As a participant of nextGen’s Program individuals must be willing to engage in life enhancing and interpersonal skills building learning to:

  • Develop positive attitudes, values, habits, knowledge, ethics, and skills;
  • Develop mature behavior through the practice of self-control, self-discipline, and responsibility;
  • Build self-esteem; and
  • Pursue dreams;

 While enjoying a warm and pleasant atmosphere, and a friendly staff of caring professionals.

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