What Is The Problem?

According to recent studies and surveys, young people appear to be faced with many struggles, triumphs, worries, hopes.

These issues alone have had a significant impact on the way they think, react, and feel. Sum-up the problem by noting that past and present generations appear to experience a delay in transitioning to adulthood. Some of the reasons for this delay is: the economic hopelessness, lack of motivation, lack of conflict resolution, and issues surrounding mental health and mental illness.

With more than 45 years of experience working closely with youth and young adults (and eventually, the family as a whole), we learned that the key to transforming the lives of young people is investing first in their well-being. Often, they endure struggles, pain, hurt, neglect, embarrassment, and at times, are misunderstood and forgotten. But nextGen provides a safe space where they can be heard, guided, and lifted to prepare for transition through change. Change is an external event or situation that happens relatively fast, but transition is a slowly occurring internal process of adapting to a new situation – moving successfully from the old to the new!

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