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Leadership Training

Research shows that women bring unique qualities, capabilities, characteristics to whatever leadership challenges they face. Women in Labor help women to discover blind spots in their leadership and develop natural strengths that drive strong parenting, business, and companion strengths; and increase self-awareness.

Women in Labor use the results of the Maxwell Leadership Assessment and Right Path behavioral profile to help develop self-awareness. The Leadership Training is usually presented through monthly group sessions that involve group practice, exploratory discussions, and feedback from the Trainers. These powerful concepts are combined to produce a diverse and engaging learning experience.


Women in Labor provide methods to help fuel growth. This is done through:

  • Helping women understand their unique strengths and recognize the barriers to success.
  • Create efficient actions plans to help women overcome barriers;
  • Build a network of women that will think outside of the box and hold each other accountable for accomplishments.

Moreover, Women in Labor believe that self-efficacy is increased through empowerment. Self-efficacy refers to the way people think, behave, feel, and motivate themselves. Self-efficacy is confidence that individuals have the ability to succeed in different situations. When individuals have a strong sense of self-efficacy, they can accomplish difficult tasks even when tasks are challenging. Strong self-efficacy helps a person to withstand setbacks and failures; recovering quickly from adverse situations. This recovery reduces stress and depression and causes people not to lose faith in their abilities. Self-efficacy operates as a conduit by which we understand what is done, how it is done, and when it is done.

When women develop a strong sense of self-efficacy they are likely to motivate themselves through the inspiration of others. If a person aspires to be competent and successful, the individual will seek models who they believe already possess skills they desire. Individuals are motivated through social persuasion. When a person is repeatedly told by others that he or she has the ability to succeed, this constant encouragement may drive the person to try harder rather than avoid difficult tasks. Some may view negative situations as driving power to perform better rather than dwell on negative outcomes (Bandura, 1977). By empowering women, they will become happier, more satisfied, and as a result more efficient.

Commitment To Discovering Women’s Hidden Gifts

Recognizing and developing our talents, abilities and gifts require self-discipline, patience, and hardworking effort. There are potential powers of creativity that are waiting inside of YOU – however, we must work to discover them. Everybody has a dream, but if you stop believing in your dream, you will kill your Vision. Women, we must stay focused no matter what life serves us. Women in Labor helps you break through internal blocks and limiting beliefs.  What is holding us back? What are we afraid of?  How do we move past the “Start Line?” Can we finish? Then come join our Group – Women in Labor!!! We promise you – if you commit to “digging-in” even when you are feeling like “giving-up” you are on your way.

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