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NextGen understands that mental illness includes a wide range of conditions that affects a person’s mood, behavior and thinking.

Therapists, counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, and psychologists use a combination of techniques which are often driven by theories and treatment models, that challenges faulty thinking, regulate mood, and improve dysfunctional behavior. These treatment models usually involve counseling, talk based therapy, medication management, and needs assessment. All though mental illness has become widespread many people are too embarrassed to talk about it or take advantage of helpful resources. 

NextGen understands that individuals would rather not seek assistance because of the embarrassment and social stigma associated with engaging in mental health services. For this reason, it takes a more needs-based approach that focuses more on the dissimilar obstacles and difficulties they face. Each of NextGen’s program staff will work together across disciplines to provide individualized care and support to everyone who enters our Center. So, when an individual walks into NextGen, the first approach is to understand their current situations and create a Person-Centered Plan with personal objectives and goals. 

NextGen prefers to address multiple needs within the confounds of its facility. This means that nextGen will house multiple resources relevant to their needs of its clients. What exactly does this mean?  NextGen will provide services that have tangible affects and give clients access to experiences that are not typical in mental health facilities in PG County, e.g. (spa treatments, Jacuzzi access, meditation, health education, food pantry, etc.).

NextGen does not provide a “length of time” for its program because everyone’s needs vary. NextGen will measure its outcomes based on each client’s level of progress in achievement of goals, objectives, and participation in the program in concordance to their Person-Centered Plan.

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